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Can Travel Ever Heal a Broken Heart? Maybe. Here’s How!

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Last Updated on 16th May 2018 by Sophie Nadeau

The breakdown of a relationship is hard. It’s downright painful. One moment you’re planning your future with another person. The next? You’re watching reruns of Bridget Jones, sitting in your PJs with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. But you already know all of this, right? The real question is: ‘can travel heal a broken heart?’

When your heart is broken into a million pieces, the thought of doing anything more than pulling the duvet over your head is hard. However, that is the worst thing you could possibly do! The best course of action is to carry on forwards, and perhaps even use the welcome distraction of travel to do so.

Of course, not everyone who travels is doing so for a specific purpose, and besides, we often don’t know the reason that drives the wanderlust in the first place. But what I do know is this: more and more of us women across the world are ditching wedding dresses for wild road trips. Switching dates for diving deep into the sea. Swapping kids for cameras.

So if your heart is still healing, then take a trip somewhere– anywhere- even just a one day adventure away from home…

Adventure in Provence, Southern France: hiking the calanques de Cassis in a National Park: looking at the view

I recently split up with my boyfriend of several years and, no word of a lie, it has been hard! However, the truth is that the fear of change is often more debilitating than the change itself. This is especially so if you were never meant to be in the first place…

Thanks to the longtime-coming break-up, I’ve spent my days exploring my local area, getting to travel outside of my normal comfort zone, and taken my time indulging in guidebook reading and road tripping. Travel isn’t just hopping on a plane to far-off locations and living in languages you can’t quite speak. Instead, it’s a mindset of exploring the world around you and expanding your horizons.

When you’re part of a couple, ‘me‘ very quickly becomes ‘we‘. ‘I‘ soon transforms into ‘us‘. And while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you can lose sight of yourself if you’re not careful… I’m not the same as I was before I dated my ex, and nor would I want to be. But if these past few months have shown me anything while searching for a solution on how to heal a broken heart, it’s that perhaps travel can heal a broken heart.

Burrator Reservoir: visiting the prettiest body of water in Dartmoor National Park, Devon, England: edge of the lake

New beginnings and closing chapters…

There’s a time for hugging the ice cream bowl and watching movies on Netflix. And then there’s a time to move on. You know you don’t need him/ her. In truth, you never did. You’re fine just on your own. In time, travel (just as being at home would) will show you that you’re fine to be by yourself! Sometimes, things just aren’t meant to be, and that’s okay.

And if it’s not okay, it’s not the end…

You make lots of new friends and form new memories!

Travelling is a welcome distraction to reliving the good times in your mind. We’ve all been there, sat on the sofa when our mind drifts. We often block out the bad (and the reason we broke up in the first place) in favour of daydreaming through rose-tinted spectacles. Of course, being resentful is helpful to no one, but nor is being dishonest with yourself.

When you’re with the wrong person, your mind can soon become clouded by thoughts of how to save the relationship. How to make it work. And even how you could change to make your partner happy (which is never the solution!). Post-breakup, a new whole world opens up. It’s your chance to be selfish and do what you like. There are no more compromises and it’s time to go out and make new memories and make new friends.

A quick guide to Bellever Forest, Bellever Tor, Bellever Village, Dartmoor National Park, Devon, England: east dart river

You see the bigger picture

Ultimately, there is no quick cure for healing a broken heart! Those who say that travel fixes everything are lying to themselves. Yes, it broadens your horizons and hopefully makes you a more tolerant person (and we could definitely do with more tolerant people in the world!), but travel does not fix everything. And it never will.

You get to know yourself.

Ultimately, travelling to cure a broken heart is a sure-fire way to get to know who you are. What do you like? What don’t you like? Travel pushes you out of your comfort zone, and straight into the unknown.

When you’re travelling on your own, you’re by yourself! When your card gets blocked abroad, or when you get completely and utterly lost and somehow your phone only has 3% battery, it’s up to you to figure things out. So take that trip to the beach, book a spontaneous getaway or simply head out to see somewhere new in your local area.

So if you’re looking for solutions on how to heal a broken heart, then travelling may not completely heal a broken heart, but it sure does help!

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Can travel heal a broken heart? How to heal a broken heart and whether travelling can help!

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