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Best Nantes Hotels: Accommodation Guide for Every Budget

Last Updated on 6th July 2022 by Sophie Nadeau

Between boutique stays, budget accommodation, and luxurious hotels, Nantes has no shortage of places to stay for every budget. And as the sixth-largest city in France, it’s certainly fair to say that there’s no shortage of things to do in the Western France city. Here’s your ultimate guide to the best Nantes hotels.

During my stay in Nantes, I personally booked a room at La Pérouse and couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Affordably luxurious, you can easily book a stay at this central Nantes four-star hotel for less than €100.

The building can be found just a few minutes stroll away from the Tour Bretagne (i.e. where you’ll find the Nid Nantes[permanently closed]) and close to many eateries, bars, and cafés. Otherwise, read on to read the best Nantes accommodation recommendations

Hidden gems of Nantes, an underrated Europe city in Western France, including things to do in Nantes and a city guide

Introducing Nantes, the sixth-largest city in Western France

Nantes is a city that demands to be explored: you can’t simply arrive and expect to view all the major attractions in one go. Instead, visitors will be richly rewarded if they choose to delve beneath the city’s surface and discover Nantes destinations off the beaten path.

Highlights so far: plenty of independent bookshops, the views from the Ducal Palace Ramparts (which are completely free to stroll around at your leisure), Galerie des Machines de l’Ile (learn all about the cool, weird, and wonderful mechanical creations in the city, including the giant elephant) and Nantes Cathedral (this ecclesiastical building took almost four centuries to build). 

Librairie L. Durance Nantes, 4 Allée d'Orléans, 44000 Nantes

Things to know before booking Nantes accommodation

If you’re searching for somewhere to stay in the French city of Nantes, then you should know that the city is especially busy during peak season (i.e. the summer months and during school holidays). As such, you’ll want to book your place to stay well in advance so as to secure the best deals, rates, and accommodation.

If you’re like me and want to see as many major attractions as possible, then don’t make the travel mistake of booking to stay too far away from the city centre. Instead, spend a little extra and make the most of your time in the city by being able to walk to all of the major attractions.

Although most people in the tourism industry speak great English, it’s only polite to learn a few words of the local language, in this case, French. So as to help you get by, I highly recommend bringing along a French phrasebook like this one.

You should also know before you visit Paris that the plugs are different from those in many parts of the world. Bring along a universal travel adapter like this one so you can charge your electrical items abroad!

Le Nid Nantes: Where to Find the Best View in Nantes

Luxury Hotels in Nantes

OKKO HOTELS Nantes Château, 15 Rue de Strasbourg, 44000 Nantes, France

Situated on the fringes of the historic city centre and not far from the Bouffay district of Nantes, OKKO Hotels is a modern hotel that’s just a couple of minutes walk away from the Château des ducs de Bretagne. As well as luxurious rooms, amenities at this Nantes hotel include a bar, fitness centre, good breakfast, and air conditioning.

Check the best rates and availability here

Radisson Blu Hotel, Nantes, 6 Place Aristide Briand, 44000 Nantes, France

Located a little way out of the historic city centre, this well-reviewed hotel has all of the amenities you would expect to find in a four-star hotel. So-called because this four-star Nantes accommodation is set against the backdrop of the former Palais de justice Nantes, highlights include free Wi-Fi, a fitness centre, and a bar and restaurant on-site.

Check the best rates and availability here

Sozo Hotel, 16 Rue Frédéric Cailliaud, 44000 Nantes, France

One of the quirkiest hotels in Nantes is that of the Sozo Hotel. Housed within a former 19th-century chapel, if you’re looking for a boutique and off the beaten path stay in the Western French city, you need to look no further.

As well as several luxury rooms boasting stained-glass windows, other highlights of this four-star Nantes hotel include a restaurant and bar on-site, as well as a spa, air conditioning, and room service.

Check the best rates and availability here

Hôtel Oceania Hôtel de France

Just a few minutes walk away from the Théâtre Graslin and the oh-so-luxurious Café Cigale, for a true taste of luxury during your time in Nantes, you’ll want to book yourself a room at the Hôtel de France.

After all, this four-star accommodation boasts amenities such as an exercise room, an art-themed bar, and close proximity to many major city attractions (i.e. many of the best Nantes bookshops and Passage Pommeraye).

Check the best rates and availability here

Best Nantes Hotels: Accommodation Guide for Every Budget

Mid-range Hotels in Nantes

Mercure – Nantes Centre Passage Pommeraye

Well-reviewed and incredibly close to downtown Nantes, the Mercure Hotel is a two-star hotel offering amenities such as free Wi-Fi, room service, and a bar on-site. Housed within an 18th-century Haussmann-style building, this Nantes mid-range hotel also offers a continental breakfast for an extra fee.

Check the best rates and availability here

Hôtel la Pérouse, 3 Allée Duquesne, 44000 Nantes, France

This four-star accommodation is where I personally stayed when I booked my visit to Nantes in mid-July. Just a couple of minutes walk from many of the historic Nantes attractions such as Basilique Saint-Nicolas and the Tour Bretagne, this four-star accommodation offers a quirky reception area filled with modern art-pieces.

Tea and coffee making facilities are free to use and can be found in a lounge area on the ground floor. Otherwise, amenities of La Pérouse include free Wi-Fi, a restaurant on-site, and a buffet breakfast for a fee.

Check the best rates and availability here

Looking for the best Nantes hotels and accommodation? From boutique stays to luxury places, here's your guide on where to stay in Nantes, the 6th largest city in France

Budget accommodation and places to stay in Nantes

Hôtel Le Cambronne, 11 Rue Fourcroy, 44000 Nantes, France

For those looking to enjoy Nantes on a budget, the unfussy rooms of the Hôtel Le Cambronne are generally well-reviewed across booking sites and offer a relaxed place to stay close to a Nantes tram stop. Amenities at this accommodation include free Wi-Fi and a bar on-site.

Check the best rates and availability here

La Porte Sauvetout Medieval Gate

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Looking for the best Nantes hotels and accommodation? From boutique stays to luxury places, here's your guide on where to stay in Nantes, the 6th largest city in France

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