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Autumn essentials for European Travel: what to pack, what to bring and what to leave at home
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Apple picking, pumpkin pies and a crisp breeze: European travel doesn’t get much better than this. Travelling in the shoulder season ensures fewer crowds, and visiting prior to Christmas means you’ll likely pay lower fees pretty much everywhere you go (especially in smaller towns and villages). Here’s your ultimate guide to autumn essentials for European travel; a quick guide on what to pack, what to bring and what to leave at home!

A warm scarf

You can use it as a blanket, you can use it to keep you warm. There are so many ways I’ve found a warm scarf to be infinitely helpful during my travels in Europe! Pack a large scarf and you’ll find that it’s worth the extra space in your suitcase!

A warm jacket

The funny thing about travelling around Europe in the autumn is that you never know what kind of weather you’ll get. Will it be hot? Will it be cold? Rain or snow, sun or shine? The key to combatting this uncertainty when it comes to the weather is to pack in layers. I love my North Face coat, and find it feels like stepping out in a blanket!

A dress

Much like the idea of having a jacket you can easily layer, a dress too can be easily worn on warmer, as well as cooler days. Add tights and a cardigan on cooler days, and opt for pairing it with sunglasses for those autumnal days when it still feels like summer.

where to see the best fall foliage in paris, france:

A statement lip colour

With all those autumnal tones on the trees, plants and shrubs around the place, then what better time to show off a statement lip colour than in the fall? Choose bold reds, oranges and fuschias for maximum effect. I’m currently loving all of the Nyx lip collection- plus, they’re all cruelty-free- perfect!

Comfy shoes/ boots

If you’re travelling in Europe, then you can almost guarantee that it will rain at some point or another. Pack a chic pair of boots or waterproof and comfortable shoes to ensure maximum style coupled with ultimate comfort.

A camera

Of all the autumn essentials on this list, a camera is probably the thing I should have put at the top of the list! You’ll want to capture all of those beautiful fall moments for years to come (and not just in your memory). Bring along your camera to capture the moment, and remember the scene in full detail.

Plus, you’ll definitely want to take full advantage of the fewer crowds situations, especially in popular places like Paris, London and Amsterdam. Wondering where you should travel to it the autumnal months? Here are the best fall destinations in Europe. If you’re wondering what camera I use, it’s the Sony A6000. This portable little camera fits in all my handbags and takes the most epic photos!

Burrator Reservoir: visiting the prettiest body of water in Dartmoor National Park, Devon, England: reflections and Sheep's tor

Chunky knits/ sweaters

While I typically associate chunky knits with winter, rather than the autumn months, you can’t go wrong by packing at least a sweater or two to keep you warm on those cooler evenings (and days!) Plus, a cute knit can easily be paired with a skirt, jeans- whatever makes you feel the most comfortable!

Umbrella/ Rain Coat

When travelling through Europe in the fall, make sure to plan for rain! That means packing a raincoat or umbrella- whichever you prefer and feel most comfortable with! Personally, I prefer a raincoat as it doubles up in adding an extra layer when it’s cold and can easily be rolled into my day bag. In windier weather, a rain coat is also preferable as it won’t blow away!!

What to leave at home when travelling through Europe in the fall

When travelling through Europe, there are certain wardrobe pieces and various items that I previously regarded as ‘Autumn essentials’ that are, in fact, not that useful at all! Things I would definitely leave home include items that *need ironing*. For example, I mean the kind of pieces you just can’t wear without a quick swoop of the iron. I’ve tried bringing along clothing items like this before and found them to be more hassle than they’re worth!

I would also leave behind any shoe with a stiletto or incredibly high heel. Plenty of European cities have cobbled streets, and I’m just not confident at dodging the cracks in the pavement. Plus, the space that a pair of heels takes up could easily be used to pack a more useful item, like a raincoat!

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Autumn essentials for European travel. What to pack, what to bring and what to leave at home when travelling through Europe in the fall!

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    Alice | Girl with a saddle bag
    12th November 2017 at 7:40 am

    We often travel at this time of year as my partner is a teacher (autumn shoe break!) andd have just got back from Estonia. I couldn’t agree more with your suggestions – it looks like my packing list. The only things I’d add are cosy socks and a pair of gloves for those days when you head out early and there’s a frost on the ground – or when you stay out late!

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