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*Spoiler Alert* One of those super personal kinda posts (oops I did it again!)

Originally I sat down to write a different post. But then I realised something…

I, me, myself, Sophie, need some motivation.

Recently, I’ve been so caught up in my own little worries. I’m currently on my study abroad year in Paris and I seem to have lost my direction a little. I seem to have lost motivation. At home, I would be interning, studying, working or volunteering at this very moment. In Paris, everything is new and I am currently only studying. I feel like I should be doing more with my time…

The reality is that there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored. 

And yet, and yet, I still get stuck on the details. Examples; I didn’t get as high as I hoped on a test, some boy didn’t call me back, I had an argument with my parents.

I need to chill out.

At age 18, I thought I had it all figured out. I had everything I could have wanted… or so I thought. I had good grades. I had loving friends. I thought I had met the love of my life. And yet I was still unhappy.

I used to be the girl with the life plan. I studied hard and worked a ton of internships. All I wanted to do in life was be a lawyer. I thought I had met the guy I was going to marry. I would do everything by a certain age and everything would work out just the way it should. Well –newsflash to 18 year old me- Life isn’t like that. I gradually became disillusioned with my original plan.

I used to start lying in bed at night thinking ‘is this all there is?

And then I found travel.

Or rather, it found me. I took a year out of uni for illness and once I had recovered, I still had nine months before I could return. My mum, tired of watching me traipse around looking miserable, encouraged me to go away and ‘find happiness’ or some bull**** like that.

We are constantly being told to ‘go out and do it’, ‘go out and get it’. But it’s not that easy is it?

I needed a little nudge in the right direction, someone to tell me to get up and see the world. Travel would make me feel happier and change my outlook on life (and it did).

So why am I recounting this little story?

Well, recently, I’ve been feeling a little lost and in need of some direction. I’m not going to lie. Moving countries has been difficult and there have been times where I have felt like running back home.

At the beginning of this year, I sat down and did something I’d never done before. I bought an old school journal and wrote in it. Yep, for the first time in my life I wrote a diary. I guess that’s where this blog started. I don’t write in it anymore. I share everything here instead.

So now, whenever I’m feeling a little lost, I come back to this blog, back to my travel pictures, back to all my travel stories. I look at all the things I’ve done and places I’ve seen. I’m reminded of all the incredibly things I could share with you all if only my writing were competent enough.

But why travel in particular?

Well, travel has given me motivation to do things (and by things I mainly mean the motivation to do more travelling). Meanwhile. while it hasn’t given me any particular direction in life, it has shown me the possible directions life can take.

So what do I really want to say?

Never regret.


Never settle. Ever.




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    Juancarlos Escalante
    9th October 2015 at 8:40 pm

    That’s amazing! Glad you took the decision to just travel the world. Even if it’s tempting to look back and ask, “what would my life be like if I was home instead of here?” You’re in frickin’ Paris!

    I don’t think we ever really find “direction”. Even when we find answers to questions… we just find more questions haha. I don’t think anyone will ever have it figured out during their lifespan. Anyway, thanks for sharing! Your Insta pics are always amazing to look at!

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