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traveling in your 20s
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As a full-time wanderluster (not a word, just go with it anyway…), I’m thinking about travel 90% of the time. The other 10%? I’m thinking about essays for university and *gulp*, my future. But there are things that keep happening that are making me start to question the path my life is going down. And if you’re traveling in your 20s, chances are that they’re happening to you too!

People ask what your future plans are.

You obviously interpret this as ‘what are your future travel plans.’ “Well, I plan to live in France, maybe improve my Spanish, go backpacking with my boyfriend...” Oh, you mean my career plans? Like, what job I want to have in the future? So then I’ll start telling them all about how I have this blog, and run this Instagram account all about Paris. And they’ll have this awkward expression plastered on their face the entire time that I swear only British people can pull off and ask me how my courses are going this semester and what I’m planning to write my dissertation on. Of all the signs you’re traveling in your 20s, this is probably the most obvious. More and more people are chosing ‘experiences’ over ‘possessions’… and they’re not wrong!

You don’t get asked for I.D. every time you buy alcohol.

When I was 17, I couldn’t wait to go out clubbing and drinking with my friends. Now, the thought of spending a night in a club is just a complete no-go. When it comes to buying alcohol, in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve bought wine twice this week. Both times I wasn’t asked for I.D. The first time, I thought it was just a fluke, or an accident: maybe my makeup was badly done? The second time? When he asked for me to pay, I tried to proffer my passport. His response? He just laughed and replied with “No need, thanks”

A couple of years ago, I was always asked for ID to buy paracetamol, now no one even wants me to prove my age to buy alcohol. *sob*. And when you’re no longer asked to prove your age to buy alcohol, you realize you’re getting old, and maybe you should start thinking about something other than travel.

Speaking of alcohol, the thought of going to an all night rave exhausts you.

17 year old you is probably facepalming right now because what could be better than going to an all-night rave? But the thought of a hangover the next day, and the fact that you spend way too much money when you drink puts you right off the idea of an all-night party. Besides, you’re saving up for those plane tickets. Or a new camera lens to document your next trip, right?

People keep referring to you boyfriend as you ‘partner’.

So my boyfriend and I are both over 18, meaning that he’s not really a ‘boy’ friend but more of a ‘man’ friend. But that just sounds weird. Okay, I kind of get it, you’re trying to be polite. But… Please. Just. Stop. Only older, more settled people who actually know what they’re doing with their lives refer to their boyfriends as their ‘partners’. And you’re not ready to stop, not just yet!

People from school are having children, getting married, working in that fancy corporate job and you’re… saving up to go traveling?!

If you’re traveling in your 20s, then this is basically just you all over! traveling in your 20s

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