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photography as a hobby: things i keep in my workspace
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When it comes to creating a workspace, you’ll want to make sure it’s somewhere you love spending time. After all, it’s an area where you’ll inevitably be spending a lot of time! That’s why there are certain things I keep in my workspace that you should probably add to yours too!

If I’m honest, it’s only really recently that I’ve stopped blogging from my bed with my PJs on. I mean, while it’s nice to have a job where I can work from anywhere, it’s not exactly healthy. Right? So with this latest admission, I’ve now relocated to a more suitable working area; complete with both chair and desk! There are also now certain things I keep in my workspace which have been a real game changer for me.

10 Things I Keep in my Workspace:

A Candle

There is nothing quite so soothing as watching a candle burn and smelling sweet notes of lavender or spring blossom while I type away at my keyboard. That being said, I also love using ‘fake’ candles which mean I don’t have to worry about setting the house on fire if I do forget to turn them off!

A Mood Board/ Notice Board

All of my blog post ideas come to me at the most awkward times! Like when I’m walking the dog or taking a shower (I can’t really bring my laptop to either of these places!) A notice board/ mood board helps me add inspirational quotes, notes, and photos which recreate this ‘away from the office’ feeling!


Like I said, a notice board/ mood board may be essential but it’s hardly practical while you’re on the go! This means I bring a notebook with me everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. After all, you can never tell when your phone might run out of battery, or when you’ll come up with that next ‘aha‘ moment!

A Pretty Picture (mainly of Paris, of course!)

When it comes to thing I keep in my creative space, there is no limit. Just like with a mood board, I like to switch up my inspiration every so often. After all, it’s hardly inspiration if you’re bored of it! Sometimes I’ll add my own photos from iconic spots around Paris, to remind me of a past event. Other times, I’ll look at my Paris Posters on the wall.

A plant

Even when you can’t go outdoors, it’s always nice to have a little bit of greenery in your office space. Cacti and Orchids are amazing if you’ve not got a great green finger, and you’re bad at keeping your plants watered!

An inspiration book or two (or three…)

When I want a break from work, then it’s nice to have something to look at/ read that’s not a computer screen! For the past year, I haven’t been able to get enough of How to be Parisian Wherever You AreIt’s a fun, light-hearted book that comes in short, sharp chapters, ensuring that my short ‘breaks’ don’t turn into long reading sessions!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether I want to listen to loud music or quiet classical songs, I love having the option of plugging in some headphones and drowning out the sounds of the rest of the world while I concentrate on my work.


It goes without saying that if you’re planning to work long hours, then you’ll want a little pick me up along the way! My go-to choice of caffeinated beverage is a coffee. This means I love having fun and quirky mugs filling my office space; interesting things definitely boost your creativity!

To-Do Lists

Of all the things I keep in my workspace, to-do lists are the most important. I love lists. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of ticking off the last item on a to-do list. I use them in my everyday life; for shopping, for emails, for paying bills, and, of course, for this blog! To-do lists are ever so useful because you can prioritize what needs doing today, and deciding what can wait until tomorrow. After all, there are only so many hours in the day!

A Cozy Knit

While it’s true that I now hate working in pajamas, preferring instead to work in normal, everyday clothes, I can never say no to a cozy knit jumper!

This post contains affiliate links.

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    the adventurer
    5th May 2017 at 3:13 am

    always have coffee on hand =o)

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