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sunrise over paris

2015: The year I started using instagram. Which is now my favourite social media platform.

There’s a reason I love this social media platform over any other; it’s a way of keeping all my favourite travel/ life in general memories all in one place!

2015 was an incredible year of highs, lows and little in-between periods. BUT, most of all, it was definitely a year of firsts!

11. I went on my first fairground ride!

That wasn’t the bumper cars or carrousel! 

Annually, a small fair is held in the Jardin des Tuileries; full of ferris wheels, cotton candy and carrousels, my favourite was definitely the swinging chairs!

I can’t believe I went on this yesterday. 🙈🎡

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10. I bought my first ever camera!

Which has only further enabled me to further document my love for all sweet foods…

And led to a lot of unhealthy breakfasts!

Today’s breakfast. 🍓😈🍭

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9. Spending time with my family and dog.

Before my first long term trip overseas last year (I was in Canada for almost six months), I don’t think I appreciated my family as much. Now, I’m only able to see them for a few weeks a year and make the most of the time we have.

8. I Sort of overcame my fear of heights and I went up the Shard.

Going up the Shard was definitely one of the top highlights of 2015; London has never looked so tiny!

7. I climbed a Swiss Mountain!

I climbed my first ever (sort of) Swiss Mountain. Straddling the border between Switzerland and France, Mont Salève offers amazing views over the surrounding countryside and the nearby city of Geneva.

6. I finally visited St Michael’s Mount.

I’ve quite literally been obsessed with visiting St Michael’s Mount for as long as I can remember.

Look out to sea & get lost with me. 🌍👫🌊

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5.  I stayed on a boat and visited Turkey for the first time.

‘Do you think you’ll get seasick?’ was the first thing many people asked me when I told them that I had booked plane tickets to go and stay on my next door neighbour’s boat in Turkey. ‘I don’t know but we’ll find out’.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t get sick. Instead, I learned lots of knots, got to see some amazing Byzantine ruins and witness the most incredible sunrises/ sunsets.

It’s a blue kinda day. 💙🎨🔷

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4. I re-discovered London (with a fresh pair of eyes).

After almost a year away due to illness, I returned to London with a fresh pair of eyes. A fresh pair of eyes to appreciate the city I had always admired from afar. A fresh pair of eyes to re-discover some of my favourite sites.

3. I took spontaneous road trips across Devon and Cornwall (and I brought Watson along for a lot of them).

Summer 2015 I worked two jobs, participated in three voluntary gigs and did an internship. It was tiring (but definitely worth it).

2. I visited Amsterdam last minute…

My trip to Amsterdam was the first (of hopefully many) spontaneous trips booked at the last minute. I wanted to go away for the weekend without too much cost and so looked at the cheapest places to visit in Europe last minute.

Amsterdam came out top and it was so incredibly beautiful! Aside from the reasonably priced food/ drinks and friendly people, there were a mass of museums to visit.

Pretty as a postcard. ✉

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1. Yeah, I guess the best bit of this year was moving to Paris.

I’ve now lived here for three months. Although every stage of your life has its up and downs, Paris is just so incredibly magical.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had those ‘I love Paris’, ‘Tour Eiffel’ and ‘La Ville lumière’ posters hanging up in my room. Throughout my lilac room phase, my *cringe* feature wall phase, those posters hung there; little beacons of hope that one day my dream would become a reality.
A lot of choices were made in order to achieve my dream of moving to Paris. Nothing comes without hard work and dedication: I chose my university to be here. I chose my degree to be here. I sat through hours of complicated accelerated French grammar courses. I broke up with my long-term boyfriend.
But now I’m here. And without sounding too corny, the dream is real. Almost every day I wake up excited for a new day to explore Paris.
I think that sometimes we have to remind ourselves what we’re working for and how far we’ve come.
Paris, je t’aime. ♡ 

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    2nd January 2016 at 3:06 pm

    I love instagram as well! And wow – Paris! I wish I have the courage to just move abroad on my own 😛 Hope you have a fabulous 2016!

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