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Last Updated on 27th February 2017 by Sophie Nadeau

Now, there are some locations where you’ll obviously always find spring blossom in Paris. Around the Eiffel Tower, next to Notre Dame and the famous blossom orchard in Sceaux are just a few spots that spring to mind. (Ha! Pun intended). But what about the more secretive spaces? The ones that don’t get tagged with a location on Instagram?

The cherry blossom season in Paris is a long one. Often beginning sometime around mid-February, you can expect to spot spring blooms as late as the end of April. This means that depending on where you visit in the city, you’re almost guaranteed to spot at least one or two lots of blossom in Paris during springtime. And yes, before someone points this out (hello, Mum!) I know that not all of the pictures in this article are of ‘spring blossom’ per se, meaning that this article is more of a compendium of spring flowers…

A Complete Guide to Finding Spring Blossom in Paris:

Palais Royal

Located in the very center of Paris, not far from the Louvre Museum, Palais-Royal is where real Parisians go to hang out. They come here to chat with their friends, or even on their lunch hour. It’s the perfect place to head to if you want to enjoy a quiet picnic in the heart of the city. Alternatively head to one of the city’s first matcha latté stores, Café Kitsuné, as you’ll find it all here in the gardens. Think of Palais-Royal like Jardins des Tuileries without the crowds. After all, it’s only a few hundred meters away!

cherry blossom palais royale paris

Hotel de Ville

Situated in the heart of Paris’ chicest district, le Marais, Hôtel de Ville (French for ‘town hall’) is literally and figuratively at the heart of the city. The entire building is surrounded by blossom and rhododendrons come springtime, leading to some very photogenic photo opportunities!

hotel de ville cherry blossom in paris

Champ de Mars

Of course, no post about Paris would be complete without at least a brief nod to the Eiffel Tower! Champ de Mars is where you’ll find one of the greatest concentrations of spring blooms that the city has to offer. Blossoms here don’t bloom until around late March time, so a little later than other places on the list.

Here, you’ll find a wide variety of blossom types, from the cute fluffy flowers to the more delicate and paler blossoms. Be sure to head to the Champ de Mars around golden hour to get the best light possible for your Eiffel Tower background!

champ de mars eiffel




Spring blossom in Montmartre can often be found as early as mid-February. Perhaps it’s no surprise that the district has been the haunt of artists for centuries. Of all the areas of Paris, Montmartre is the newest and trendiest place to be. Blossom here can be found in the Musée de Montmartre Gardens (bordering on the Montmartre Vineyard) and along the cobbled streets. Later on in the season, Montmartre is the perfect place to spot purple wisteria blooms.

cherry blossoms in montmartre cherry blossoms in montmartre

Parc de Saint Cloud

Overlooking Paris, Parc de Saint Cloud sits high and majestic above the city of love. Once home to a grand country house, now all that remains of this once imposing mansion are the gardens. Although not the prettiest views of the city, it’s one of the most elevated, and therefore provides one of the best views. The park is the perfect place to escape the city for the day. On a visit here, we even found wild strawberries growing (though they didn’t taste that great)!

cherry blossoms in saint cloud

Parc de Belleville

The Park at Belleville often gets overlooked in favour of nearby Père Lachaise. And I mean, I get it, Père Lachaise is the final resting place of some of the greatest musicians and artists ever. Who wouldn’t want to go and pay their respects? That being said, the park of Belleville is a great place to enjoy a Parisian picnic or visit one of the secret Parisian vineyards. The elevation of the park also provides a great view over the city on a clear day.

blossoms at parc de belleville

Parc des Buttes Chaumont

Of all the places to spot spring blossom in Paris, this may be the best. Plus, Buttes Chaumont is easily one of the prettiest parks that Paris has to offer. And with a grotto, waterfall and love temple to name just a few of the park’s many attractions, it’s not hard to see why. The park was commissioned by Napoleon in the 19th-Century and has since become the place to go to escape the city (but not leave). It also happens to be home to part of Paris’ forgotten railway, the Petite Ceinture. Cherry blossoms can be found throughout the park. However, one of the best spaces in the park to spot spring blooms is at the very base of the park, next to the grand lake.

spring blossom buttes chaumont

Notre Dame

Last but not least, Notre Dame is my go-to cherry blossom spotting spot! The best spot to see the blossoms are to the right-hand side of the cathedral when looking at the facade face on. As you can see from the picture below, there’s a little park filled with spring blooms! Go early in the morning to avoid the crowds that inevitably flock to the site.

cherry blossoms notre dame cherry blossoms notre dame

cherry blossoms notre damewhere to find cherry blossom in paris france

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  • Stéphanie LANGLET
    1st March 2017 at 3:03 pm

    I admit that as a French I would have never thought about Paris to see the blossoms, but why not. It’s so beautiful!!!

  • Corinne
    27th February 2017 at 3:42 pm

    Sophie, I would love to be in Paris when all the cherry blossoms are out. What gorgeous colors!

  • Ashley Smith
    27th February 2017 at 3:37 pm

    Such a pretty post! I was just in Paris (everything was brown and dead) and I’ll be there again in the summer so I’m going to miss the pretty spring blossoms but thank you for all the beautiful pictures!


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