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There’s nothing quite like walking through a frozen winter wonderland. Wandering through the icy terrain and admiring some of the earth’s weirdest precipitation. Here are some incredibly useful snow photography tips to get you started on creating your very own icy footage!

Snow Photography Tips, Tricks & Practical Advice

Keep yourself warm: When you’re trying to capture that ‘perfect’ shot, it can be easy to forget about yourself and concentrate on your environment. However, be prepared for the cold and wrap up warm before you go out. I’m talking hat, scarf, gloves… In other words, the works! If it’s particularly bright outside, you should consider wearing sunglasses as well. After all, you don’t want to get sick, tired and unwell and be unable to edit any of your beautiful images!

Shoot in RAW format (as opposed to JPeg): Although the best way to fix any problems with your photos is not to make any mistakes in the first place, this isn’t always possible! Instead, make sure to shoot all of your photographs in RAW. Doing this means that you’ll be able to alter a lot more of the image later on, as opposed to JPeg where your camera processes many things before you have the chance to do it yourself.

Capture the moment before its gone: If you’re going out in the snow, then chances are the landscape is changing as fast as the snow is falling! As a result, try to capture your images as quickly and as efficiently as possible!

Use a fast shutter speed: If you want to capture the crisp and sharpness of falling snow, then make sure to use a fast shutter speed. If you’re looking for a more hazy, fairytale effect, then be sure to use a slower shutter speed.

Bring extra batteries for your camera/ phone/ equipment: Nothing drains a battery faster than a cold day. As a result, make sure to bring plenty of backups if you’re able to. Otherwise, capture the images as quickly as possible to get the most out of your equipment before the cold air saps its batteries.

Travel photography advice series. Snow photography tips: advice and tricks on how to perfectly capture a frozen winter wonderland correctly!

Further tips on how to photograph snow correctly: 

Try different perspectives: An easy photography mistake to make when you’ve been using your camera a while is to think you’re ‘now good enough’. Instead, carry on experimenting with new perspectives, new angles and having fun with your photography.

Don’t delete anything (yet): What may look terrible on your little camera or smartphone screen could end up looking incredible once edited and on your computer. As a result, don’t delete anything from your camera quite yet!

Want to add a pop of colour? Use your tripod! In order to really make the snow stand out, why not step into the image yourself? Wear a pretty outfit, set your tripod on a timer and experiment with some snow selfies!

When editing, remember that snow looks great when captured in black and white too: Enough said.

A walk in the snow: wandering through a frozen winter wonderland. 

I edited this photo in Adobe Premiere Pro with many of the tricks and snow photography tips I outlined above! The cover image was edited using Canva, which is what I use to make all my cover art, as well as incredible Pinterest pins!

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