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Is there anywhere that is prettier than Paris in the spring?! Spring blossom in Paris makes everything that much more photogenic… The smell of sweet flowers, the way that the cherry blossom just frames everything just perfectly. And besides, if you follow me on Instagram, you can’t have missed the large quantity of photos featuring spring blossom in Paris the past couple of weeks!

The weather these past few weeks has been nothing short of erratic: long periods of cold wet rain that chill to the bone followed by short sharp bursts of sunlight that are only a relief for so long. But why am I talking about the weather you may ask- when the title of the post is quite clearly ‘Spring Blossom in Paris’? Well, it has a little to do with plant growth and a lot to do with procrastination!

The rain has fed the earth, nourished it to a point where the earth is able to give back. The weather conditions have been ideal for creating optimum spring blossom in Paris. There is something about the way the streets look lined with blossom flowers. There is something about those quaint little flowers, the subtle scent, the delicate petals, small reminders that spring is finally on its way and the promise of Summer is not long off.

Living in Paris for a year presents you with lots of opportunities; one of the most special of these has most definitely got to be the possibility to see the city change with the coming and going of each season. Autumn came with surreal colours; vibrant oranges burnt reds, before finally giving way to Winter, windswept hair, dramatic sunsets and even a little snow.

So here are some postcards from the city of lights. A collection of snapshots that show everything from blossoms in the shops to blossoms lining the streets:


IMG_20160312_230524 IMG_20160310_201734 IMG_20160311_112646 IMG_20160316_170412 IMG_20160317_110623 IMG_20160317_203108

spring blossom in paris

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  • Arisa Mameda
    29th March 2016 at 3:26 am

    Your pictures are always amazing! Looking forward to your futures posts! 🙂

  • Darina
    27th March 2016 at 5:45 pm

    These photos are awesome! Spring in Paris…photographing the blossom trees…wonderful!


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