Ultimate Guide to Travel & Blogging Resources

When you first start your travel blog (or you’re even trying to grow an existing blog), figuring out the tools of the trade can be a little daunting. From choosing the right host, to finding the right camera to use, here’s a full guide to the best travel blogging resources out there!

Photography Equipment

Camera: Sony A6000 One of the best investments I made for my photography skills, was by purchasing a better camera! In the past few years, camera equipment has gotten smaller and smaller. This has led to a new type of camera; the compact mirrorless. Compact mirrorless cameras are the perfect travel essential; lightweight and easy to carry around, they don’t look as flashy as traditional DSLR cameras. Although they don’t have mirrors, they produce the same quality pictures.

Lens: 16-70 mm F4 Vario-Tessar While when I first started out using the Sony A6000 the kit lens (i.e. the lens which came with the camera) was enough for all of my photography projects, I’ve since needed to upgrade the lens. I now use the 16-70 mm lens and the quality of the photos is absolutely stunning!

Tripod If you’re serious about photography, then investing in a good, quality tripod is a must. A tripod isn’t only useful in nighttime situations, but also for a whole range of other photos. From creating light trails to capturing more colours at sunset, I can’t stress to you enough how useful having a tripod is!

Drone: DJI Spark As my passion for photography has grown, so too has my love of videography and capturing beautiful moving imagery. I purchased the DJI Spark last year and have been learning how to control my drone and take great aerial shots ever since!

Website Building Resources

Website Theme: Buying a theme is one of the best investments you can make for your blog! Content will always be king, but if your blog is messy and difficult to navigate, then no one will come back to read more of your stuff! Having a website with your own domain (i.e. is like having your very own home on the internet.

When you have your very own hosted blog, you have to ‘rent’ your very own slice of the internet for it to be visible to everyone. Who you choose to host your site can affect things like load times and up-times (how much of the time your site is accessible). This is super important because these factors can affect your SEO (search-engine-optimization- where you appear on Google searches).

Siteground: If you’re just starting out, then Siteground is a great place to begin. I have several smaller sites with Siteground and find that they’re perfect for smaller blogs with fewer visitors. However, once your site is at around 100k monthly unique visitors, I highly recommend upgrading to a more hands-off managed host.

Performance Foundry: Now that I’ve had my website a little while, I’ve moved to Performance Foundry. They provide small fixes for your site each month as part of their service and also help keep on top of updates etc. It’s a fairly hands-off approach to hosting and I find that it frees up a lot of time to focus on other areas of my business(es).

SEO: Lots of bloggers shy away from SEO (search engine optimization) for fear that it’s complicated or too difficult. However, SEO is not too scary or difficult if you take the time to learn how to use keyword research tools and the like. I now offer consulting services for Pinterest & SEO. For more information, email me [[email protected]].

Tailwind for Pinterest: I use an app to schedule all of my pins in advance. The app works with Pinterest to determine the best time of the day to pin images and automatically pins things for you while you’re asleep! Since using this app, my following on Pinterest has gone up dramatically. I also now average 1.5 million views a month on Pinterest itself. Many of these convert into Pinterest followers or ever blog readers.

Travel Resources

Kiwi: This booking site goes through hundreds and thousands of available sites, selecting the best and cheapest deals.
Priority Pass: If you’re planning on flying a number of times when visiting Europe (and indeed even for when you’re flying into Europe), then it’s worth noting that you don’t need Business Class flights to access airport lounges. Priority Pass is the largest independent airport lounge access programme worldwide and offers access to over 1200 lounges across 500 cities worldwide. Get all the details here