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7 Incredible Reasons to Visit Bergamo, An Underrated City in Northern Italy

Medieval architecture, local cuisine, and an authentic Italian town a little off the beaten path, Bergamo is a stunning destination in Northern Italy worth of a visit on any trip through the region. Characterised by its Venetian Walls, cobbled lanes, and welcoming ambience, here are seven incredible reasons to visit Bergamo ASAP!

Secret Lombardia: If you're looking to see Italy without the crowds, then be sure to visit Bergamo, a beautiful and serene city in Northern Italy. Here's why you must plan a trip to Bergamo ASAP!

The city makes for the perfect weekend break

Looking for one of the best-kept secrets of Italy? The stunning city is perfect for a weekend break- or perhaps a longer stint- for those looking to go a little off the tourist track and discover something new. After all, the city has plenty of accommodation options to suit every budget, including this luxurious place to stay and this historic B&B we stayed at for an absolute steal!

Otherwise, you should know that visiting Bergamo couldn’t be easier thanks to a wealth of affordable train links to the rest of Italy and beyond. Bergamo is even served by its own international airport offering flights to the UK, France, the Netherlands, and plenty of other European destinations. The time to get from the airport to the city centre is just under half an hour by bus and costs just a few euros each way, making the city easily accessible even on the shortest of vacations.

Bergamo boasts plenty of Medieval History

If you’re looking for a town which looks untouched by time, then you simply must head to Bergamo. Complete with several ancient churches and all the cobbled lanes you could ever ask for from an Italian city, Bergamo is the kind of place which hasn’t changed for centuries.

History being one of the best reasons to visit Bergamo is especially true when it comes to the narrow streets of the Citta Alta, as well as the ancient 12th-century church of Tempietto di Santa Croce. Nearby, the Old Bishop’s Palace is covered in painted frescoes dating back centuries and the Cappella Colleoni (Colleoni Chapel) is one of the best examples of Renaissance architecture to be found anywhere in Northern Italy.

Tempietto di Santa Croce: Hidden Germ of Bergamo

Local Food in Bergamo is superb!

Pasta, pizza, and all the gelato: steps away from the touristic area of the city there’s plenty of local produce to be found in the form of patisseries and local wines. If you’re looking for a truly authentic Italian dining experience while in Bergamo, then make sure to head to Il Circolino– I swear I’ve never eaten such good food in all my life!

Plus, the dining experience is set against the backdrop of a former prison covered in stunning handpainted frescoes; history and food at its finest! Closer to Bergamo, local Lombardy cuisine mirrors much of the rest of Northern Italy, lacking in tomatoes and focusing more on butter and meat-based dishes. The most famous local dish is the risotto alla milanese, a rice dish flavoured with saffron.

The art of Eating pasta in Italy: an Italian adventure in local cuisine and a history of pasta

Bergamo is the Hidden Gem of Lombardy

Of all the reasons to visit Bergamo, make it the fact that you’ll be visiting a place which many miss. With regular budget flights touching down in Bergamo’s airport on a daily basis, many assume that Bergamo is the kind of place you fly into, and then leave directly. However, this is most certainly not the case and avoiding this Italian town would be your first mistake!

Instead, ensure to dedicate at least a night or two to discover the best attractions Bergamo has to offer. After all, it’s not every day of your Northern Italian trip that you’ll discover a city that’s relatively underrated in comparison with its nearby neighbours, such as Milan and Lake Como, yet remains a destination which retains all the charm of a unique holiday experience.

Best things to do in Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy: view of Bergamo

The Citta Alta (Upper City) of Bergamo is wonderful and historic

Bergamo is a city divided into two parts; largely owing to its status as a hillside town- in all senses of the word. The newer part of the city is the Città Bassa (lower city), which as its name would suggest, sits in a lower position on a fairly flat plateau. This area is a financial hub and is complete with plenty of open piazzas and wide boulevards.

The oldest part of the city is divided into two further parts; the touristic centre (where you’ll find the Duomo and all the restaurants), as well as the Rocca di Bergamo area, site of an ancient fortress and now home to some breathtaking terraces and restaurants. While in the Città Alta, make sure to enjoy a traditional Italian coffee while people-watching in the main town square, Piazza Vecchia.

Best things to do in Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy: old town walls

Bergamo offersbreathtaking views of the Alps and Beyond

For the very best view in Bergamo, you simply must take the higher funicular up the side of the mountain and straight to the very top of the city where Bergamo’s stunning position in the Alpine foothills really comes into its own. Wander around the ancient walls of the Castello di San Vigilio and take in the panoramic views.

For the very best photos of Bergamo, take the funicolare San Vigilio just before sunset to capture the Citta Alta and Citta Bassa in golden light. Some of the other best views of the lower city can be found along the Venetian walls (where you may even spot a vineyard or two if you’re lucky).

Bergamo City Travel Guide: Hidden gem of Lombardy, Northern Italy. Here are the best things to do in Bergamo, churches, hikes, eateries, history and local tradition.

Bergamo is an easy day trip from Milan

Nearby Milano is just under an hour away from the train and transportation between the two cities runs on an incredibly regular basis. As such, even if you don’t have much time in Northern Italy, set aside just half a day for this easy day trip from Milan and you certainly won’t regret your choice!

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5 Incredible reasons to visit Bergamo, an incredibly underrated city in Northern Italy close to Milan. Some of the best things to do and why you should visit medieval Bergamo!

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'N A Perfect World...

Wednesday 8th of January 2020

Love this post! But the risotto milanese is Milanese! Casoncelli alla Bergamasca is a famous local dish! (haha I'm a local)

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