Paris Instagram Story Templates

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Last Updated on 3rd May 2020 by Sophie Nadeau

Looking to quiz your friends and yourself on your stories on social media? I’ve created some downloadable Paris Instagram Story Templates which you can upload to your own Instagram stories and fill out at your leisure. 

If there’s one trend I’ve observed more than any other on Instagram the past few months and couple of years, it’s the rise of story templates. These fun and customisable templates can be posted onto your own Instagram stories and filled in. 

In total, there are 8 templates, which can be found here to download as a PDF file (check here for the first set of templates and check here for the second set of templates). There are four categories; 1- Paris bingo (one for tourist landmarks and things to do and one for ‘off the beaten path’ atractions), 2- This or That (one for general Paris preferences and the other for Paris foodstuffs)

3- Paris checklists (one for books about Paris that you’ll love and one for day trips from Paris), and finally, 4- a ‘you can only keep five’ (one for general Paris and one for the district of Montmartre). For the final two stories, you’ll have to just check the five boxes of the things about Paris you’d most like to keep (no cheating!)

Paris Instagram Story TemplatesParis Instagram Story Templates


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