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Just because you’re heading to the Lake District in Cumbria, doesn’t mean you have to lace up your boots and wear your waterproofs. No. In fact, there are plenty of non hiking Lake District activities for those who are looking for something a little more unusual (and who wish to avoid the deluge of rain that makes the region such a lush shade of green).

Explore all the Little Towns and Villages

The Lake District is much more than rolling hills and plenty of rain. In fact, there are plenty of cute little towns and villages dotted about the region, just waiting to be explored. Some of my favourites include Keswick and Consiton. Many of these settlements are also home to cafés, pubs and quirky shops. Some villages, such as Coniston, even have museums and historic houses to visit.

Cutest Villages in the Lake District: Most Beautiful towns and villages in Cumrbia, England: Pooley Birdge

Sample local food and drink

The ever-popular ‘sticky toffee pudding’ (a concoction of dates, butter, and sugar among other things- heaven!) was invented in the Lake District. Other regional specialties include Kendal Mint Cake, Rum butter (yes, butter made with actual rum) and Grasmere gingerbread.

Non hiking Lake District activities in Cumrbia, England

Go shopping for local produce

And while we’re on the subject of food, the Lake District is home to plenty of local produce. From the countless farmer’s markets held throughout the week in various villages in the region, to the locally sourced food in the area’s eateries, there’s local produce to be found everywhere!

non hiking lake district activities: eating local food

Image via Wikicommons

Take part in water sports

As its name suggests, the Lake District is full of bodies of water (though whether they should be called ‘lakes’ is open to debate). In fact, almost all of the ‘lakes’ are actually called ‘waters’, ‘meres’ or ‘tarns’ in the case of smaller areas of water. Only one body of water is actually called lake, that of Bassenthwaite Lake. On many of the larger waters and meres in the region, you’ll find sailing clubs and the opportunity to kayak or canoe.

non hiking lake district activities

Rent a bike and try some cycling

In many of the towns and villages dotted around the Lake District, you’ll have the opportunity to rent bicycles. Although much of the region is best explored on foot (many of the hills are way too steep for cycling), some of the waters and meres are a great location to cycle around.

Non hiking Lake District activities in Cumrbia, England

Soak up some history in all of the museums and historic houses

Of all the non hiking Lake District activities, one of my favourites has got to be checking out all of the museums dotted around the region. In the Lake District, you’ll find a wide range of historic homes and musuems, including that of Beatrix Potter.

non hiking lake district activities: visiting historic houses and museums

Experience some of the Quirky Architecture

And while we’re talking about historic houses and museums, there’s quirky architecture to be found everywhere. One of the most unusual sites to see in the Lake District is the Bridge House in Ambleside. Situated in the cute little town, the Bridge House dates all the way back to the 17th-Century and is well worth a look (and a visit for free if you’re around on the right day!)

the quirky and unusual Bridge House in Ambleside Lake District: a rare survival of 17th-Century Cumbria architecture in England

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Non hiking Lake District activities in Cumrbia, England

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