New Podcast, Episode 03: Emily in Paris- How Realistic Was the Show?

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Last Updated on 20th November 2020 by Sophie Nadeau

Hello and welcome back to the C’est la France podcast, an area of my content creation that I meant to spend a lot more time on this year, but somehow let fall by the wayside in lieu of other projects! You can expect a new episode every Wednesday.

cest la france podcast

If you haven’t listened to the first few episodes of the show, then the idea of the Podcast is to create short bite-sized episodes all about discovering France as you’ve never heard of it before. The latest episode is all about Emily in Paris, and what in the series is true vs what is just cliché and downright fake. 

With the recent announcement of season 2 (the announcement having been made just last night on Instagram), I thought that now would be as good a time as ever to delve deep into the show’s many clichés and the many (often valid) criticisms of the depictions of life in Paris and French culture in general. 

I’m an Anglophone who, like Emily, is in love with Paris. Just like Emily, I too, broke up with a boyfriend to pursue my dreams of living in France, and just like Emily, I get invited to events and make money from leveraging my social media accounts (though I wish it was that easy to grow your social media following!)

Much like Emily, I also live alone at the very top floor of a historic Paris building, and I too am trying (and, let’s face it, am failing) to date men in Paris! And… that’s where the similarities end! Living in Paris is nothing like what you see in TV shows. 

In fact, life in Paris is much like living anywhere else, only your life is set against the backdrop of Paris. Of course, the most realistic thing about the show is that you can visit almost all of the filming locations for yourself. If you’re interested, then here’s a guide in the best of Emily in Paris filming locations. Otherwise…

Listen to the C’est La France podcast now:

paris podcast/ Emily in Paris- How Realistic Was the Show?

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