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In what feels like has kind of an annual tradition (but was never supposed to become one), I’ve somehow managed to do Instagram roundups for each year I’ve had this blog (that is to say: two!). If you want to check out my previous yearly Instagram posts, here’s 2015, and 2016. So here’s the reality behind my 9 most popular Instagram posts from 2017 (handle @sophieannenadeau).

Instagram in 2017: Here’s what I did & how I fared

Unlike 2016, where it felt like I devoted time, energy and even more energy into the Social Platform, 2017 was the year I really focused on building my own blog. Instead of actively pursuing growth on Instagram and other social media channels, I preferred to post every few days so that I could concentrate on growing this blog and finish my studies. (Yes, I also finally graduated from my university in 2017!)

When it felt like everyone else had started spending less time on their own little corners of the internet, I still worked away most days on this blog. I was worried that my Social Media following was a lot larger than the traffic to this website (I can now happily say that that’s no longer the case!). You see, the thing is, when you post on Social Media channels, you aren’t in control of the platform.

This means that when an algorithm changes (as it does frequently), then your content can soon become buried in a sea of other people also trying to figure out how the new order of the social media channel will go. The thought of this stressed me out a fair bit since I decided to go into full-time blogging mid-2017, and so I stopped posting daily on Instagram and focused on trying to create daily content here instead.

In other 2017 Instagram news, the platform rolled out the live stories feature, which I did try once in spite of a lot of nerves in front of the camera! (You can read about what Instagram live stories are like here). Anyway…  Without further ado, here’s the reality behind my most popular Instagram posts from 2017!

Most Popular Instagram posts from 2017 (@sophieannenadeau)

#9 Montmartre, Paris, France

It comes as no surprise to me that one of the most popular Instagram posts from 2017 was taken in my favourite Parisian arrondissement: Montmartre. Wander around the cobbled lanes, past the vintage façades and through pretty green spaces and you’re getting pretty much as close to the Paris of old as it’s possible to get in these modern times. I think it’s a combination of the prettiness and quirkiness of Montmartre that means that photos of the arrondissement are always well engaged with on Instagram!

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As some of you probably know, I use the Sony A6000 (which I love and recommend!) Since I bought the camera a couple of years ago, I’ve been using the kit lens (i.e. the lens the camera came with) *** I’ve been thinking about upgrading for over a year but didn’t want to spend money on something that I didn’t need. Well, a couple of months ago, while we were visiting the largest castle in the world (Malbork Castle in Poland!), I was really stupid with my tripod and broke my lens in the entry way to the castle (agh I’m so clumsy). It was completely broken and couldn’t be fixed… Fortunately, the actual camera body was okay *** Flash forward a few weeks and I found my dream lens to purchase second hand (and it didn’t cost much more than it would have been to replace my last lens). So now, I use the Sony Zeiss 16-70mm. A lens I can’t stop raving about *** It’s turned out to be my best investment of 2017 (the jury is still out when it comes to my recently purchase drone… But look out for some footage soon!) 😜 #obscureparis #solosophie #montmartre #placedalida

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#8 Château de Chantilly, Chantilly, France

The Château de Chantilly is so stunningly perfect that it always seems to do well on the visual platform that is Instagram. Built for princes in the 16th and 19th centuries, it makes for the perfect day trip from Paris, and the town makes for the perfect weekend getaway if you’re looking to escape the City of Lights for a little longer.

The reality of this post is that I actually took this picture in late 2015! However, since downloading LightRoom in mid-2017, I decided to re-edit the photo to really do the light and reflection in the photo justice. Just like last year, it seems that a lot of my most popular Instagram posts from 2017 were actually taken in previous years…

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#7 Sinking House of Montmartre, Paris, France

#7 of my most popular photos was yet another photo of Montmartre! The sinking house of Montmartre Photo was one of the first photos I took in 2017 during a New Year’s day walk around the city. I snapped the optical illusion on my smartphone and edited it using free SmartPhone Apps. Knowing what I know now about the power of LightRoom, I think I’d have ended up editing the photo completely differently (and perhaps not exposed the sky so much)!

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#6 Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole, Paris, France

The cute little café of Aux Vieux Paris d’Arcole was also one of the first photos I took in 2017 on a New Year’s Day walk around the city. We wandered the cobbled lanes, entered into ancient churches and enjoyed a warm Vin Chaud at the end of the day- a wonderful start to the New Year!

The picture-perfect café of Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole is like something straight off a vintage Paris Postcard and is situated on Île de la Cité. This means that it’s just a short walk away from the iconic Notre Dame cathedral and plenty of other great Parisian attractions. The coffee shop and restaurant is so pretty that I ended up posting it twice in the year!

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#5 Carturesti Carusel, Bucharest, Romania

In review (hindsight really is 20:20), 2017 year was a really strange but exciting year. It was my first time working for myself, finishing full-time education, and I managed to visit four new countries (meaning that I’ve now definitely visited more than ten- not that I’m sure about the exact number!) One of those new countries was in October when around 100 content creators, bloggers and Instagrammers were invited to Bucharest in Romania for the second instalment of #experienceBucharest.

I wasn’t able to apply for the first trip in May as it was right in the middle of my final exams at university. Therefore, I was incredibly pleased to be able to visit for the second trip! While in Bucharest, I was able to visit the insta-famous bookshop of Carturesti Carusel (literal translation ‘carousel of light’).

I took this snap of the spiralling staircase in the centre of the bookshop on the morning before I was meant to meet everyone and all my fellow ‘colleagues’ in the world of blogging. As I was incredibly nervous, I decided to go out and explore the city and take photos as a way of relaxing myself (ha!)

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#4 Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole, Paris, France

As in 2016, two of my most liked posts are actually the same photo (edited slightly differently!) After purchasing a subscription to Adobe LightRoom (a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for just one tool to up your photography game this year!), I re-edited this photo of Au Vieux Paris D’Arcole, a little café in the heart of Paris founded in 1512.

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#3 Galeries Lafayette, Paris, France

Each and every year, Galeries Lafayette (a luxury department store near Paris’ most iconic opera house and not far from the Louvre) erects a huge Christmas Tree in the very heart of its flagship art-deco store. I’ve now seen three of their trees, in 2015, 2016, and 2017 respectively. However, my all-time favourite tree of theirs is that of 2015, where the entire tree was made of sparkling baubles and tinsel. It seems like the world of Instagram preferred this tree too as I posted a picture of all three trees, and only the 2015 tree made it into my most popular Instagram posts from 2017!

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#2 Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France

I actually visited Mont Saint Michel in 2015 after dreaming about a trip there for years (and haven’t returned since)! My boyfriend, another friend and I had taken a trip to nearby Brittany to visit a friend whose parents live in the Western French region. Although we weren’t sure we’d have time to visit the iconic tidal island before returning to Paris, luckily we somehow found the time! Visiting the gothic fortifications really was a dream come true and I’m already planning my return…

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#1 Centre Pompidou-Metz, Metz, Lorraine, France

Of all my most popular Instagram posts from 2017, this ‘selfie’ snap of me inside the mesmerizing light installation by Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama was the most ‘liked’ and commented one of them all (and the most liked thing on my page ever!). However, I’m not at all surprised! Kusama’s work is stunning, visually engaging and you could easily spend hours lost in her creations… I snapped this photo on a three day Press Trip to the Lorraine region I attended with Atout France, Meuse Tourism and Lorraine Tourism in November. The trip was memorable and is not an experience I’ll forget anytime soon.

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Reality behind my most popular Instagram posts from 2017 Handle @sophieannenadeau Here are my most popular Instagram posts from the past year.

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