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Hiking the Mizzy Lake Trail, Algonquin Provincial Park

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A year ago today, I went on one of the more strenuous hikes of my life: the Mizzy Lake Trail. If you know me at all, you’ll probably know that I like to go on a walk with my dog for a few miles… and that’s about it! This time was different; I hiked about 30 km (in my keds)- note to self- wear suitable footwear next time.

When I was working in Algonquin National Park last summer, I got a day off to myself each week; the only time when I would be able to do whatever I liked, whenever I liked, just for me. And so, on one of my days off, I decided to undertake the Mizzy Lake Day trail in Algonquin National park.

Although Mizzy Lake Trail is only 11 km long, I had to walk from where I was working to the trail and back there again. Elsewhere online, an early start is recommended due to the wending and uneven nature of some of the paths and I definitely wouldn’t disagree!

mizzy lake trail algonquin

A little information about Algonquin National Park!

A quarter of the size of Belgium, Algonquin National Park is one of most impressive places I have ever been! Some of the most special adventures, you just can’t capture with a camera- even with a fast shutter! A couple of these moments included a full-sized moose jumping out onto the road in front of our car (it was as terrifying as it sounds!) or setting out for a day trip in a canoe.

We went and had a picnic on an island in the middle of Joe Lake; it was there that some curious chipmunks approached us, climbed onto our laps and tried to steal all our goldfish (the crackers– not actual fish)!

mizzy lake trail algonquin

What it’s like to hike the Mizzy Lake Trail!

At the start of the trail, there is a small box where you can pick up a map and trail guide. There is an honesty box with a suggested donation of $1 for one of the maps. I had hiked to the start of the trail at km15 from where I was working and so grabbed the guide and started off.

At the very start of the trail I came across a couple who concernedly asked me if I was actually prepared to undertake the trail on my own considering the heat and the very real possibility of coming across a bear. (Just the day before, we had seen a baby cub and its mother at the resort where I was working.) I replied saying I did (I couldn’t lose face and turn back just yet) but I did seriously consider the of returning and spending the day in bed reading (no TV remember!)

Unbeknown to me, I walked along happy in the knowledge that should I spot a bear, I would easily be able to scale a tree to escape it. It turns out that bears are probably better climbers than me!

mizzy lake trail algonquin

While you’re on the Mizzy Lake Trail, watch out for…

… Beavers, painted turtles, bears, chipmunks, squirrels, moose, snakes. The trail was so incredibly beautiful and you end up wending your way around nine various lakes and ponds (plenty of opportunities to see a painted turtle)! Going past painted turtle lake, I even had the chance to see some real turtles basking in the sun.

mizzy lake trail algonquin

Autumn Vibes on the Mizzy Lake Trail

The day I went was one of the last Summer-ish days. It is also important to note that it hadn’t rained recently when I went and although the trail is widely regarded as being incredibly muddy, it was super dry- pretty fortunate considering I was only wearing my Keds!

Watching the leaves change into their fall colours is a phenomenon that I have never seen in England to the same extent as in Canada. Below is a picture of Highway 60 at km 15 (the start of Mizzy Lake Trail).


For more information on how to visit the Mizzy Lake trail: Read more…

A guide to hiking the Mizzy lake Trail, Algonquin Provincial Park, Canada. Trekking in a Canadian National Park; pretty views and the chance to spot some wildlife.

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    18th November 2016 at 11:43 pm

    I can’t believe how long its been since I’ve been to Algonquin! Far too long. But boy does it ever look fabulous in the fall! Hopefully I’ll get to hike there next year!

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