4 Top Free London Museums to Check Out While in the UK

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Last Updated on 1st February 2018 by Sophie Nadeau

There are dozens of free museums in London and you quite literally need to have several college degrees to even have a teeny tiny amount of the knowledge you can gain from exploring just one of these in depth. So here are my top London Museums:

Sir John Soane Museum- Free

This little-known gem is loved by almost everyone who visits and is probably my favourite museum in The World. Built by Sir John Soane (he designed the front of the bank of England) in the late 1700s/ 1800s, he had an act of parliament passed in order to donate the museum to the country and preserve the beautiful interiors. Think dark corridors and an amazing amount of architecture squeezed into a tiny space.

Be prepared to step back in time; no cameras or phones are allowed in the museum. Crazy. 

Don’t miss: the First Tuesday of every month as between 6-9 pm, the whole museum is lit by candlelight- magical! Make sure to get there early though as only the first 200 people get in and there are often tours right down the block.

British Museum- Free

It may seem a little cliché to put this museum in as literally everyone has heard of it. But I literally visit this one every day whilst I’m at uni- it’s like my second home! With some of the largest collections of Ancient Greek and Roman artefacts in the world- what’s not to love? And I’ve not even mentioned the ancient Egyptian section yet! Recently, there was an exhibition on Mummies that were put under x-rays.

Don’t miss the eye-opener tours. The tours last 30- 40 minutes, are entirely free, and you can go to whichever one(s) you fancy! You could easily attend these introductory talks all day and still not get bored…

Victoria & Albert Museum- Free

In this museum alone it would take you 125 years to look at every object once for just seven seconds. Yep, you read correctly. 125 years constantly looking at objects. Crazy. Until the 2nd August, there is an exhibition on Alexander McQueen’s work and it is, without doubt, one of the most beautifully crafted exhibitions I have ever seen. Each and every room has its own feel and mood. Basically, if you’re around London, make sure you see it.

Don’t miss: The Last Friday of every month (apart from December) as between 6:30- 10 pm, the museum is open!

Natural History Museum- Free

Okay, I just had to put this one on there- when everyone else wanted to be a ballerina or astronaut aged 7, I wanted to be a palaeontologist #nerdalert! Who knows, maybe one day I’ll discover a dinosaur and I can name it after myself (Sophiesaurus Rex?).

Of all the top London museums on this list, the Natural History Museum in South Kensington may well be my favourite. I still love going to visit the museum just to gaze at the rocks or check out all the fossils. The exhibitions are pretty fun too! Recently, I visited the Sensational Butterfly exhibition and that was obviously really pretty. It’s on until September 2015 but make sure you take a bottle of water as it’s pretty humid in the marquee.

Don’t miss: The Last Friday of every month (apart from December) as between 6- 10 pm the museum is open!

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  • Rob
    22nd February 2016 at 2:11 pm

    I love all London museums and galleries – they need to get more publicity like this because they are such a fantastic place! Thanks for sharing.


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