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Let’s Talk About Paris (& Welcome to My YouTube Channel)

Montmartre Hotels: Where to Stay in Montmartre (18e Arrondissement)! Paris, France
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I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, most probably because I’m terrible at actually sticking to them! However, this year, I want to branch out into new creative endeavours, and this inevitably means venturing into the world of YouTube. And so, I thought I would start with a topic that I know best… Let’s talk about Paris!

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An introduction to Let’s Talk About Paris

I first fell in love with the City of Love on my first visit aged just 18 (or maybe I was 17, I can’t quite remember!). I was travelling with my parents, sister, and ex-boyfriend and soon became enthralled in the world that is Paris. I was hooked and even partly chose my university course on the fact that a year of it would be based in Paris!

A living breathing museum, the city is much more than just the Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe (though it’s obviously those things too!) After all, there are hidden gems worth discovering, smaller museums worth checking out, and countless day trips you can take from the city.

odette paris

I now spend my career writing about travel (but mainly France) and so my first video in what I hope to be a long series is all about getting to know the city on a local level and travel tips I think you should know about (including Paris scams and some occasional humour).

Sit down and grab a cup of coffee (or wine!) This vlog is over twenty minutes long (though I already cut down over half of what I ended up filming!). In the vlog, I go into plenty of detail! If you want to see more, let me know what kinds of Paris-based content you want to see next! Already in the works are guides to Bordeaux, Agen, and Toulouse!

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