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Learning Perspective & The Content I’m Creating Next

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Last Updated on 25th March 2020 by Sophie Nadeau

Hello from Paris! It’s a beautiful day; the sun is shining and light is streaming into the apartment I once thought was a palace, but now feels as if it’s shrinking on a daily basis… No matter though, I am learning a lot about perspective and feel blessed that I can sit at home and rest, work from home, workout at home, create content, and have a good enough internet connection to keep in contact with the outside world. 

The content plan for the foreseeable future

Perhaps a month or two ago now, I wrote a post titled ‘what’s next for solosophie; 2020 goals‘. Never ever ever has a post aged so badly on my site. However, no one could have foreseen what was coming next; I’m living in confinement in lockdown Paris and you can read a little about my experience in the first few days here. As all travel plans have been halted and everyone is staying at home, I will be shifting my plans a little in the kind of content I’m planning on creating.

Firstly, I’ll be spending a lot more time with my plants, more than ever before (for obvious reasons). You can find my plant guides on my website, and its accompanying Instagram account @solo.succulents. Next, I’ll still be creating videos for my YouTube Channel, which you can find here. I will also be creating daily story updates and posting on my two Instagram accounts; @sophieannenadeau and my informal account @sophie.anne.nadeau.

Most importantly for my business (since there are still bills to pay and it feels strange to be a travel content creator right now), I’ve been questioning what to do with this platform, something which once started as culture articles and soon turned into travel guides for Europe and beyond. 

If I’m honest, being alone all day every day is a strange experience. It’s okay, but I’m starting to think I’m funnier than I am and am slowly learning how annoying it is to spend so much time with myself! I’ve spent the past week drinking one too many glasses of wine and pretty much lying in various places in my apartment, unsure of what to do. However, it’s time to be productive with my time and so I’ve created a series called ‘sofa travels,’ here on my blog.

Over the forthcoming weeks, I’ll be creating articles about how to cure wanderlust from home, as well as returning to my previous niche of unearthing entertaining, curious, and downright weird historical stories. On my Instagram, my main form of coping and navigating this new world has been via comic relief; I share a lot of memes and have called myself a quarantent creator (content from quarantine).

Working From Home Tips & Tricks: A Practical Guide

A note on perspective

A few days ago, I shared the following on my social media channels. Learning perspective and finding joy in small things has definitely been a learning curve, and although I greatly miss my life (I’m sure we all do), I have found there is still plenty to feel gratitude for. I now keep a diary and update it each night, and encourage you to do the same!

Ciao from Paris! Perspective is slowly becoming my word of the day, every day. Being alone all day every day… It’s an okay experience, though there are obviously ups and downs. I genuinely think after all of this we will appreciate our lives so much more (I know I will!) I can’t believe I used to be so stressed/ complain about so many ridiculous things (LOL)

I took for granted so many things; the ability to go outside whenever I wanted, because I felt like it, my job, human interaction (a handshake, hugging a friend). I used to go on loads of dates, see loads of friends every day, go out every weekend, walk 10-20 km every day through the streets of Paris. I took all these things for granted. However, I’m now personally finding a lot of joy in things I never even considered before; a nice glass of wine, waving at my neighbours, chatting on the phone with friends…

I’m also slowly learning that we’re never really alone. We might be apart in distance, but we’re together in spirit. If you had told me three weeks ago that I would be on my own in a lockdown city, I would have thought you were crazy. Now, I have to fill in a form to go out and I’m only allowed out for a valid reason (light exercise in my neighbourhood, groceries, etc). We are not allowed out in twos in the street. It’s honestly okay though

Each evening, I spend hours on the phone with friends and family across the world. I speak to more people than ever before. I consume a lot of Macron-based memes and have found a lot of joy in cooking, watching the sunset, and caring for plants. My neighbours and I wave at (and spy on lol) each other all day long (yes, even here in Paris!) Each evening at 8 PM, my fellow Parisians and I join each other in clapping, singing, and cheering from our veluxes, windows, and off our balconies, celebrating those who are working on the frontlines, working tirelessly through this nightmare.

And if you’re not already in lockdown please stay home if it’s not essential!

Learning Perspective & The Content I'm Creating Next

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