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Last Updated on 29th January 2017 by Sophie Nadeau

If you’re just starting out blogging, then finding readers can be such an effort. I mean, it’s pretty hard to find motivation to carry on writing when you have, like, five readers a month. Right? As your blog gets older, as long as you implement proper SEO strategies (Search Engine Optimization), then you’ll eventually become ‘discovered by Google’. However, what do you do in the meantime, when you’re just beginning? Cue: Pinterest. The driving force behind this often overlooked sharing platform are pretty, unique and interesting pictures and graphics. So here’s a guide on how to make amazing Pinterest pins!

Why Pinterest?

If I haven’t already convinced you to start making pins, then Pinterest can be an amazing way to drive traffic to your blog. In general, I try and avoid writing about ‘blogging‘ itself as I don’t want to annoy my most loyal readers (hi, Mum!) but now I often get over 500 visitors a day just from this amazing social media platform and wanted to share a few tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. My initial pins were so bad that I had to delete them!!!

How to Make Amazing Pinterest Pins:

#1 Take good photos!

Graphics and amazing photos are the driving force behind Pinterest. With few exceptions, the most repinned images are those that are eye-catching unique or pretty. Take some good vertical photos so that you have a few options before you start making your pins.

#2 Set up a Canva account.

Canva is my new go-to tool when it comes to creating Pins for Pinterest. I absolutely love it. It’s free to have an account, and there are also hundreds (if not thousands) of free graphics, fonts, and style. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, there are hundreds of thousands more templates and designs for as little as $1 more per element. If you want to create amazing pins for Pinterest, then Canva is the way to go!

#3 Choose a post you want to create a pin for!

When I discovered the power of Pinterest, I went back and created pins for all of my old blog posts. Pinterest doesn’t work like a social media platform like Instagram or Facebook, but more like a search engine. When you create a pin, have a clear goal in mind. Don’t clutter the pin and make sure you have a focus. You’re more likely to get repins that way!

#4 Select the option to ‘create a pin for Pinterest‘.

Vertical, long images do better on Pinterest (but not too long). As such, the Canva Pinterest dimensions are already all set up for creating your perfect pin.

#5 Create your pin!

Now, this is where the fun bit begins. You can use one of the many free ‘layouts’ to create your pin or be a little more creative and play around with the text and elements to create your own unique pin. When I was starting out and had no idea what I was doing (sometimes often, I still don’t!)

And for the love for all that is good (aka, travel), don’t use Arial as your font. Please, just don’t do it!

#6 Ask yourself “Would I repin that?”

Become a ‘pinner’ yourself. You’ll quickly get to see what works, what doesn’t and you can then easily replicate what does well. You’ll also quickly learn what doesn’t do well and so can make new pins for your posts in styles you know will work. Every time you create a pin, ask yourself “Would I Pin that?” If you wouldn’t, chances are other people won’t either. Go back to the drawing board and tweak your pin until you’re happy with it.

#6 How to Make Amazing Pinterest Pins #yourstyle

If you use Pinterest, then how do you make amazing Pinterest pins? Let me know in the comments below!

how to make amazing pinterest pins

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  • Kevin
    5th March 2017 at 9:16 pm

    Such a good read Sophie, thanks a lot for these Pinterest tips! I’ll be sure to keep those in mind when creating my own 😉


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