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Here's how to get a head start on the new year in six easy steps

Forget New Year’s resolutions. (How many people keep them anyway?) Instead, start getting a fresh perspective on the year to come from today. Here’s how to really get a head start on the new year in 6 easy steps:

Don’t sweat the small stuff

I’m guilty of this one, and I’m sure you are too! Stop sweating the small stuff and instead start focusing on the bigger picture. Of course, with some tasks, it’s all about focusing on the smaller details. But in general, focus on what’s important and stop worrying about all the little things; you’ll thank yourself later on!

Drink more water

We could all do with drinking a little bit more water. Between busy schedules and a million things on our plates, it’s hard to remember to keep hydrated. But your body and mind will thank you for it later on! Keep a cup of water on your desk and a water bottle in your bag. Set a reminder to drink more water on your phone if you have to. After all, a hydrated mind is a more focused mind!

Get more active

And no, I’m not talking about buying yourself that gym membership you’ll never use! Instead, set yourself smaller goals such as using the stairs more than the elevators, or walking for more of your commute to work. If you can, enlist a friend to help you and hopefully as a buddy to work out with. Go on walks, cycle with your family: try and be more active in little ways rather than in larger ways you won’t be able to keep up or maintain. Set yourself small goals and they’ll soon become habits.

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Read more & Give yourself some time offline

Make 2018 the year you read more. Put down your phone every once in a while, take a break from the news and log out of your Social Media accounts. Instead, invest in some quality time with a good book and a cup of tea. Alternatively, read a book on the commute instead of looking at your phone screen if you’re more pressed for time. All I’m saying is: give yourself a little time away from the internet every once in a while… Looking for some reading inspiration? Here are the very best books about Paris!

Purchase a planner

If you really want to get a head start on the New Year before it even arrives, then purchase a planner (or at least download one from online)! Even if you’re ‘not a spreadsheets’ person, buying yourself a planner for the new year will help you keep track of appointments, important dates, and to-do lists.

Cut out some of the coffee in favour of tea (or even a herbal tea)

Coffee is a stimulant, meaning that it’s full of caffeine and can affect your sleep. Caffeine can also affect your mood, increase anxiety levels and give you headaches if you consume too much of it. Instead, switch out some of those energy-filled coffees for some less caffeinated tea. Better still, drink some herbal tea (chamomile and mint are both great options) to ensure you stay better hydrated and your energy levels stay more level. Ditching the coffee and switching to tea is one of those easy detoxes you can make without being too hard on yourself…

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 Here's How to really get a head start on the New Year in six easy steps!

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