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When I was younger, I used to pick up a pencil and start drawing pictures for no reason. But then I guess life must have gotten in the way. Because I lost that childlike wonder and creativity. Or I’m just awful at drawing! If I’m honest, it was probably just a combination of the two…

I could bore you with all the details (as I have done in another post!) but I’ll just say that I started taking photos as a little distraction from my ‘real’ life as I wanted a creative outlet and travel photography seemed like the perfect solution…

Taking photos became a little project; take a colourful, pretty photo every day in between working and studying as a creative outlet and stress-free spot in my life. Although I started off by taking photos with my phone, a sort of long series of events eventually led to me buying my first ever camera (a Sony A6000) in August 2015!

travel photography

So now fast forward a couple of months… and here we are today! So after just under a year since I took my first ‘travel’ photo, here are the top ten things I’ve learned in my first year of taking photos:

10 Things that Travel Photography Taught me:

#1 I still have a lot to learn.

Even on my best days, I’m an amateur at best. I still struggle to remember what the different between the ‘S’ and ‘A’ settings are on the camera.

#2 Taking photos makes you want to travel more.

Looking back at cool photos of the places you’ve been to only serves to increase your wanderlust tenfold.

#3 Taking photos is time-consuming!

It sounds obvious, but I always try and set aside a couple of hours a week to practice (especially the boring shots I’ve tried to take a million times before and are always a little off).

#4 I cringe at my old photos.

Every. Single. Time.

#5 I still need to edit 99.9% of my photos.

#6 It’s the moment vs. the best piece of equipment.

It’s a cliché but ‘the best equipment you have is the one you have at the time’. Some of my proudest photos were taken on my phone.

#7 To be patient.

We live in an attention deficient society. People always want things. And they want them, like, yesterday. The best shots are when you wait for a bicycle to come into the frame or an extra boat for your light trail.

#8 To be more creative.

#9 Taking photos makes me happy.

#10 Practice makes perfect.

#11 Oops, Bonus.

(Or is it just that my maths is rusty?) There are no hard and fast rules. Do whatever you like.


 10 things travel photography taught me

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    23rd January 2016 at 1:05 pm

    Taking photos while traveling (or even while not:) ) is so exiting! Though, in our family my husband is normally responsible for this part, but I also love to use our cameras from times to times. Your shots look beautiful and definitely not boring:) Way to go!


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