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happy moments in everyday life
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Although I’d love to travel every moment that I have on this planet, that simply isn’t possible. And I know that’s the case for a lot of you too! Here are some blissful and happy moments in everyday life for when you can’t travel. Or a little reminder that happiness is often just around the corner…

Happy Moments in Everyday Life:

  1. The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning.
  2. A bath full of fresh bubbles.
  3. Relaxing with a good book. (Here are my favourite picks from books about Paris!)
  4. A lie in! (Especially after a long work week…)
  5. Walking in woodlands, on your own. German even has their own word for this (Waldeinsamkeit)
  6. A perfectly ripe avocado.
  7. Dancing around your room in your underwear. Music up, like no one’s watching…
  8. Chatting on the phone with your best friend.
  9. Laughing so much your sides hurt.
  10. Being quiet and watching the world go by, even just for a moment.
  11. Going out with a camera in hand, no time limit on the clock.
  12. Receiving a letter… that’s not from the bank!
  13. That moment after cleaning your teeth and your mouth just feels amazing.
  14. Making it somewhere with only a moment to spare!
  15. Singing along to the radio in the car, no one is listening, screaming at the top of your lungs.
  16. Helping someone carry their shopping.
  17. Finally finishing that assignment.
  18. Hitting snooze on the alarm and knowing that there’s nothing urgent to be done.
  19. Saying ‘yes’ to something that scares you.
  20. Exploring your local area.
  21. Cuddling with a dog (or cat).
  22. A friendly smile from a passerby.
  23. Finishing a strenuous workout and feeling accomplished.
  24. Sleeping in freshly laundered sheets.
  25. Finding money in the sofa!
  26. Feeling good in your outfit.
  27. When you drop your phone but it’s okay.
  28. Those first spring flowers.
  29. Making it through all the traffic lights before they turn red.
  30. An unexpected phone call from that special person.
  31. The bus being on time.
  32. Time away from social media.
  33. Your favourite food on offer in the supermarket.
  34. A new experience.
  35. Seasoning your food just right.
  36. Cleaning the house from top to bottom.
  37. A coffee with your Mum.
  38. A tea with just the right amount of sugar.
  39. Free things. Free anything.
  40. A fresh stick of gum.

Happy moments in everyday life for when you can't travel- 40 inspiration tips.happy moments in everyday life when you can't travel (1)

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