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father's day gift ideas for Dad's who Love Travel!

If you’re anything like me, then you may well have gotten the ‘travel bug‘ from your parents… Father’s day is a great opportunity to thank your dad for everything he’s done during the past year (and probably even longer). After all, he’s always there on the end of the phone when you need housing advice, don’t know what insurance to buy, or have a flat tire! Here are some quick Father’s day gift ideas, all are travel related:

A Travel Tie

Ok, so I know ties are fading away as an office ‘necessity’, but there are still many occasions when formal attire (with a tie) is obligatory. Why not cheer your dad up a little in his less than riveting business meeting with a travel tie? Plus, a world map or interesting location will provide endless one-liners for conversation openings…

Luggage Tag

Most people I know have very similar looking luggage… Considering that the majority of suitcases come in neutral tones, it’s all too easy to come home with the wrong suitcase. As such, a luggage tag is absolutely crucial!

Passport Wallet

Make sure that your Dad never has to worry about damaging his passport again in his bag or pocket with a passport wallet. Because let’s face it, it’s all too easy to damage your passport when you throw it in your bag with a set of keys!

A travel notebook

Many people overlook notebooks these days, in favour of using the ‘notes’ function on their phone. However, a notebook can’t run out of battery, right? And besides, it’s always worth having something to write on for when your phone battery is flat… Especially for flight delays in the airport and the like.

A Tile

No, not a kitchen or bathroom tile. This ‘Tile’ is actually a very clever Bluetooth device which helps you track your luggage!

A photo album

Many people have old travel photos lying around the house, and I’m sure you do too! Why not gather them all together and order them into a photo album? Alternatively, pick out a couple of your favourite shots and frame them! That way, you can look over old photos and share memories with your Dad…

If you’re still not sure what to do with your photos, then why not stick with the tried and tested method of printing your photos on something? (I absolutely love the personalized golf ball!)

Scratch Map/ Office Print

I first saw these ‘scratch off maps’ last year and immediately fell in love with them! They’re a great way to brighten up any office space, and would be perfect for the travelling dad(s) in your life!

Phone Lens

I first came across these phone lenses a couple of months ago. Light and incredibly portable, they’re easy to travel with as they can easily fit in a pocket or bag.

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