Is blogging your full-time gig? What do you even do in life?

YES! I blog full-time (wait, what?!). I studied in London and Paris, before completing my degree in mid-2017. Since then, I’ve gone full-time on this little blog; selling photos, writing, blogging (and more writing).

Why blog and what’s your ‘blogging niche’?

I’ve always loved reading and fact checking in equal measure… When I stumbled on the first blogs I read in early 2015, I fell in love with their short, sharp style of writing and the way the conversation flowed as if the writer was among friends. I’ve always had around 15 million random facts and thoughts in my head and nowhere to put them. Now I definitely do!

Like many people, I initially started this blog when I was depressed, bored and had no idea where my life was headed. Well, I kinda still don’t  know what direction my life is headed in but this blog made me realise that it’s okay! At the beginning of solosophie, it was nothing to write home about (ha! It probably still isn’t…): Bullet points and poorly checked grammar came for free.

Today, I’m still searching for my ‘blogging niche’. To be honest, I think that finding a blogging niche kind of sucks. At a push, I guess I’d say that it’s ‘travel and culture’ because those are the two things I’m most passionate about.

Why solosophie?

I wanted it to be a surprise when you landed on the site. I don’t really have a blogging niche, nor have I ever really tried to find one. When I was younger, two of my greatest passions were travel and finding quirky curios. I’d love visiting small antique shops, exploring museums and quirky shops. I like to think of this blog as ‘Old Curiosity Shoppe meets Travel Guidebook’.

How do you edit your photos?

Well, this is something I’m working on because I’m kinda pretty lazy… so I edit 99% of my photos on my phone using free apps. I’ve written a whole post about it here.

What Camera do you use?

I use the Sony A6000 with kit lens.

Where else can I find you?

When I’m not snapping away on my camera or updating solosophie, you can find me writing away about France and all things French on C’est La France (cestlafrance.co) (My attempt at a play on words: ‘C’est la Vie!’, ‘C’est la France!’)

My site is updated daily so you’ll always find new article, tricks, and tips here. If you want to find me elsewhere online, you’ll find me on:

Instagram (I love taking pretty photos!)

Facebook (I spend way too much time here!)

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Pinterest (Again, I love pretty pictures…)

Other publications I’ve contributed to (just a fancy way of saying that I love writing!)