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Last Updated on 16th March 2017 by Sophie Nadeau

With a supercar parked around every corner, it’s not hard to see why South Kensington is One of the priciest areas in London. With Boutique hotels, luxury shops and a variety of museums, there’s something for everyone…

A Quick Guide to Exploring South Kensington

1. Hyde Park- Free

One of eight Royal Parks and also one of the largest, this oasis in the city has over 4000 trees and was created my King Henry VIII in the 16th century as a hunting park!

Today it is home to ‘Speaker’s Corner’ where open air debates and speeches take part. The entire park is a hive of activity from family days out to mass protests.


2. Harrods

Always worth a look around and just a short walk away from the museums on Museum row is the world famous Harrods department store. The store was opened in 1834 by a 25 year old entrepreneur and comprises of a million square feet of floor space!

The Harrods motto is ‘OMNIA OMNIBUS UBIQUE’, meaning ‘everything for everyone everywhere’ and there are over 330 departments throughout the store selling everything ranging from clothing to home appliances to stationery! However, I have to say that my favourite departments are definitely the food halls!

For nearly 100 years; from 1917 to 2014, Harrods had a pet department. However, it has now been closed down, much to the disappointment of animal lovers everywhere! Did you know that up to 330,000 visitors might visit the store on a single day?!


3. Victoria and Albert Museum- Free

Situated on Museum row, not far from the Natural History Museum and filled with art work, the Victoria and Albert is one of my favourite museums in London…


4. Royal Albert Music Hall 

If you know anything about music, then you will have probably heard of Albert Hall. Opened in 1871, it stands directly opposite the Albert Memorial and hosts over 150 events each year. Find an event here… The hall is vast and seats up to 5272 people!


5. The Albert Memorial – Free

Imagine the most gold you have ever seen and then multiply it by 100. On a bright day, it is possible to see this memorial glinting from the other side of Hyde Park! The memorial was created in 1861 to commemorate the death of Prince Albert in 1861/ he died of typhoid at the age of 42. It is one of the biggest and most ornate memorials in London! In each corner, there are smaller marble statues to represent Europe, Asia, Africa and America.


6. Natural History Museum- Free 

Filled with dinosaurs, geology and just about everything else, a visit to the Natural History Musuem is definitely worth it, if only for a few hours!

natural history museum south kensington

7. Kensington Gardens- Free

One of the eight royal parks in central London, The Kensington Gardens are directly linked to ~Hyde Park (you literally just walk under a bridge.) The main highlight of this garden is most definitely the Italian Gardens! Literally so incredibly beautiful! The Italian gardens are over 150 years old and were probably a present from Prince Albert to Queen Victoria.

8. Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park (winter time only)

  • Ice Skating? Check
  • Beer? Check
  • Candy Floss? Check

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park has all this and so much more every winter between October and January. Just one of the many reasons to visit South Kensington…

guide to south kensington london england


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