cest la france podcast

The show is called the C’est La France Podcast. Now, you might have seen the name ‘C’est la France’ and be wondering just what is this all about? Well, for a while, I was thinking about naming it the same as my blog. However, ultimately, I decided that I wanted to have ‘France’ in the name, and it’s not like my Instagram handle is the same as my blog either!

As you might imagine from the name of the podcast, this series is going to be all about discovering the beautiful country of France. From uncovering hidden gems across the City of Light to interviews with experts running small businesses and what life in France is truly like, we’ll delve deep into the world of l’Hexagone. All, bien sûr, served with a side of history!

Unlike other podcasts you might have listened to in the past, this isn’t only going to be a series of interviews. Instead, we’ll feature both interview style episodes, as well as quirky soundbite stories, such as remembering when the Mona Lisa was stolen or figuring out whether or not Marie Antoinette really did say ’let them eat cake’

I’ll be posting a new episode each Wednesday.