A Postcard from the Five Lands: Magical Cinque Terre Photos

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Last Updated on 26th May 2018 by Sophie Nadeau

Nestled in the very heart of the Liguria region in Northern Italy, just west of the city of La Spezia, sits the legendary Cinque Terre or ‘five lands’. A destination that is visited by thousands of tourists annually. And it’s not hard to see why. So today, I thought I’d send a digital postcard from Cinque Terre and some magical Cinque Terre photos which will make you want to visit ASAP!

Here’s why you should consider a visit to Cinque Terre (the Five Lands)

Turquoise sea, brightly coloured houses that would look at home in Balamory tilled fields frame these picture-perfect scenes; Cinque Terre is actually a collection of five villages. So beautifully and culturally important are these villages and their surroundings, which were first attested in the 11th Century, that they are now a National Park and UNESCO world heritage site.

The five villages are as follows; Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Three of these five villages are only accessible by paths, trains, and boats; it is really like stepping back in time (but with the reassurance of healthcare, world travel etc when you return to the real world). The best part is that there is little sign of modern fast food shops and outlets, forcing you to try local delicacies.

The quality of the anchovies from Monterosso al Mare is such that they have been given a special protected designation of origin title from the European Union. If fish isn’t really your thing, the Liguria region as a whole is home to some of the best focaccia and pesto in the world. Olives, grapes, and lemons are also grown in the region (so all the best foods really).

One of the best days in my travels so far was the day I purchased a day pass (€5-€7) and hiked between Monterosso al Mare and Vernazza. Although only 1.8 miles long, the summer heat coupled with a number of descents and ascents can mean it takes 2 hours to walk on average. However, the panoramic views are breathtaking and ensured that Cinque Terre has ended up on my Bucket List of places to return to!

So here’s A postcard from the Five Lands and plenty of magical Cinque Terre Photos (with love from Italy):

IMG_20151019_013553 IMG_20151019_013239 IMG_20151019_013110 IMG_20151019_012919 IMG_20151019_012505Cinque Terre Photos: a postcard from cinque terre and the five lands which will make you want to visit ASAP!

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  • The Travellers
    26th June 2017 at 7:10 am

    Very beautiful. We went in Italy but definately we will go again. One of my favourite places.

  • Kenza
    12th January 2016 at 5:52 pm


    Omgg I’d love to visit Cinque Terre once in my life :

    And your pictures are truly amazing ! 🙂
    I’ll definitely keep an eye on your blog

    Keep going

    Kenza from


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