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Canada Food Guide: 8 Canadian Foods and Snacks To Try

Although I missed marmite when I went travelling in Canada (who wouldn’t?!), I discovered a whole new range of things that were simply delicious and nutritiously deficient. Here are some of the best Canadian foods and snacks I found which I was unable to find back home in Europe! Below, you’ll find a complete Canada food guide of must-try snacks and sweets you must try while in the Northern America country.

Reese’s Pieces

I just can’t seem to stop eating these. Around the size of a smartie, they only come in the colours orange, yellow and brown. They are literally little chocolatey peanut buttery balls of heaven. Now available in little packs in supermarkets like Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, in the UK, they’re just amazing!

Tim Horton’s Coffee, doughnuts and more!

Timbits are quite literally a little piece of heaven in every single bite. Available in every flavour from maple glaze to just plain jam, a visit to a Tim Hortons is a must on every Canadian Road Trip! Fun fact- Tim Horton’s is more popular than McDonald’s in Canada!


Goldfish Crackers

A tiny cheese shaped cracker in the shape of a goldfish, they are now also available in pizza flavour and even vanilla cupcake! These little crackers are completely delicious, and I haven’t been able to purchase them anywhere in Europe so definitely stock up while you can!

Toaster Strudel

Ever watch Mean Girls and wonder what Gretchen meant when she said ‘My Dad, the inventor of Toaster Strudel’? Don’t worry- you’re not the only one! Toaster Strudel is a small pastry filled with various fruit and sweet fillings that you toast in the toaster. They come with small packs of icing sugar that you can use to decorate your pastry


David’s Tea

As a Canadian brand set up in Toronto in 2008, David’s Tea now sells over 150 blends of tea including everything from ‘Red Velvet Cake’ to ‘Alpine Punch’. Pictured below is my favourite flavour- a limited edition ‘Caramel Corn flavour’.


Maple Syrup

Of all the Canadian foods in this Canada food guide, maple syrup must be the most quintessentially Canadian of them all. After all, Quebec is the largest exporter of maple syrup in the World. Sticky and sweet, the golden liquid tastes amazing with everything from savoury to sweet. I’ve even had maple syrup coffee! I know you can buy maple syrup in the UK but who wants to pay double the price?

Candy Corn

Definitely not to be left out, this orange, yellow and white candy made from corn syrup is easily recognisable and simply delicious. However, after a few handfuls you do start to feel a little sick….


And finally… I’ll leave this one up to you! Which Canadian foods should I have included in this Canada food guide?

Have you tried or sampled any Canadian foods in Canada that you couldn’t seem to find anywhere else? Comment and let me know anything I’ve missed! 🙂

8 snacks and food stuffs you must try in Canada. Canadian foods to sample while travelling in North America!

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Sunday 1st of January 2017

I would also add Beaver tails and poutine :D Missing Canada after reading this!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.