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My latest video – 50 things about me 🙂

In case you don’t watch videos;

  1. I have a dog called Watson 🙂
  2. I have a Winnie the Pooh teddy bear.
  3. I don’t smoke.
  4. Rose wine is the best!
  5. I love collecting fossils.
  6. I’ve just moved to Paris!
  7. I’m obsessed with lemons.
  8. My birthday is American Independence day
  9. I study Latin and Ancient Greek at university.
  10. The country I want to visit most is Norway.
  11. I’m a night owl.
  12. My favourite cocktail is a mojito.
  13. I once killed a mint plant by eating it to death…
  14. I’m vegetarian.
  15. I LOVE coffee.
  16. Menthol and eucalyptus is my favourite flavour of gum.
  17. I volunteer at a couple of different museums in London.
  18. I haven;t been to hairdresser in two years!
  19. I used to have my neck pierced.
  20. I’ve worked at New Look and TopShop.
  21. I lived in New York when I was 5.
  22. My favourite tea is chai.
  23. My mum makes best meringues.
  24. I love Instagram.
  25. My favourite book is The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.
  26. My room is always messy.
  27. I have dual nationality; Canada and the UK.
  28. I’m teaching myself Biblical Hebrew.
  29. I currently have 8 piercings.
  30. I once dyed my hair purple!
  31. My favourite TV show is PLL!
  32. I prefer coca cola to pepsi (although I try not to drink either).
  33. I always swim in the sea on the 1st January.
  34. I’m obsessed with parsely. Yep, the herb.
  35. I have one younger sister.
  36. I learned to rollerblade when I was 5 (but I have subsequently forgotten)…
  37. I realllllly want princess hair…
  38. I had braces for two years.
  39. I have 0 tattoos.
  40. I have never been to Scotland.
  41. I am definitely not a morning person.
  42. I’ve always enjoyed olives… I guess I’ve always been mature!
  43. I took Spanish all through school.
  44. My dad has an identical twin and I used to get them mixed up all the time!
  45. fave juice cranberry
  46. I’m obsessed with Harry Potter.
  47. I’m not sporty. At all.
  48. I am going to get conch pierced soon!
  49. I am currently learning to play the ukulele.
  50. My favourite film is A Cinderella Story.
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Sophie Nadeau loves dogs, books, Paris, pizza, and history, though not necessarily in that order. A fan of all things France related, she runs when she's not chasing after the next sunset shot or consuming her weight in sweet food. Currently based in Paris after studies in London, she's spent most of her life living in the beautiful Devonian countryside in South West England!


  • David R. Cowan
    16th September 2018 at 12:24 am

    The Michael/Mary Line, like so many other powerful energy leys is powered by an extinct volcano on the Azores, which also powers part of the USA Federal Triangle (Pennsylvannia Avenue). All of the capital cities in the USA are in straight lines, also powered by extinct volcanoes on the Azores, Galapagos and Bermuda.

  • northierthanthou
    9th March 2016 at 9:35 am

    A pierced neck? …On purpose?

    Scared of you!



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