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Last Updated on 21st January 2021 by Sophie Nadeau

The world is so big and so beautiful, that there is infinitely more to see than any one person could hope to see in ten lifetimes, let alone one. Snapping photos is just one way to try and capture the beauty of the world around you and share it with others… For me, understanding the world goes hand in hand with capturing it on my camera. Every time I pick up my camera, I try and see the world through a new perspective. And this is why I’m writing about reasons to pick up a camera today- aka why you should make photography your next hobby!

About the same time that I started this site (10 months ago), I bought my first ever camera. (I use the Sony A6000 with kit lens). For about four months prior to that, I’d been taking photos on my smartphone and sharing them with the world via Instagram. I guess this makes it just over a year since I took up photography…

During this past rollercoaster of a year, I’ve learned loads (and, in the process, realized that I have oodles more to learn). Here are 10 reasons to pick up a camera today:

reasons to pick up a camera

10 Reasons to Pick Up A Camera & Start Taking Photos Today! 

1. You meet new people

One of the best things about taking up photography is all of the great new people you’ll get to meet after doing so. Often, just by holding a camera or smartphone, you’ll be able to strike up a conversation with other camera wielders. Speaking with new people also might just allow you to find out where the best shots in the area are to be found!

I’ve also found that taking photos is a great hobby to share with your friends. You can bounce ideas off each other and grow your friendship at the same time as your photography skills!

2. You learn a new skill

Taking photos is not just snapping shots (although it can be) but an art form. You can make sunstars, puddlegrams and all kinds of amazing shots in-between. It’s the kind of skill you can pick up and put down whenever life requires you to.

3. You learn a secondary skill (the art of editing)

After starting to take photos, I realized that the most beautiful photos are not only in the original capture and composition but also in the edit. Editing using software like free phone apps, lightroom or photoshop is ‘the digital darkroom’ and a little effort in trying to understand how editing photos work can go a long way.

4. You face a challenge (and that’s kind of fun, right?)

‘Capturing the moment’ is always a challenge. How are you going to convey what you’re seeing to everyone else? How are you going to put your spin on things? At the end of the day, you may well have something emotion inducing, wanderlust-inducing or simply beautiful to show for your efforts. Challenge accepted!

And if you want to share your photos online and with friends and family, then you’ll have to overcome the challenge of accepting criticism. Photography, like any art, is subjective and everything you will do will receive criticism. If it’s constructive, then it’ll help you. If it’s not, you can always brush it off (and comments can always be deleted)!

reasons to pick up a camera

5. You find a creative outlet

I took art at school… and then I stopped. I used to write short stories when I was little… and then I stopped. Jobs, university courses, and volunteering quickly filled my time. For a long time, something way missing When I first picked up a camera, it was like the gap had been filled.

I quickly became obsessed with photography. It was a way of capturing the beauty of the world, remembering the moment in a fun way. It’s the kind of creative outlet I’d always been waiting for.

6. Taking photos can take as long or as little as you like (and you can do snapshots almost anywhere)

It takes less than a tenth of a second to snap a photo (well, most of them, anyway). You can do it on the way to work, during your lunch break, at the weekend. Taking photos is the kind of thing you can do anywhere (as long as you have a photo taking device to hand)!

The best camera you have is the one you have on you in the moment‘. This means that you don’t have to have the fanciest equipment or the most expensive lens either. You can easily start taking photos on any phone or other devices that have a camera.

7. You can capture the moment

Memories may be great, but capturing a moment that you can be reminded of over and over is priceless. Details that your mind may forget can forever be stored in film, digitally or even via the cloud. You can go back a month, a year, even 50 years later and remember that moment, exactly how you captured it all that time ago.

[Tweet “Memories may fade… but photos no longer have to!”]

8. You see the world through new eyes

Subconsciously, you always start looking for a new angle and different perspectives, even when you don’t have your camera with you. You notice things that you would never have before, the sweetness of the couple on the bridge ahead, the colours of the flowers. It’s cliche but it’s true: taking photos will change the way you see the world around you.

9. Photography and Travelling go hand in hand

Of all the reasons to pick up a camera, this is probably my favourite. Taking photos is the best excuse for traveling. If you want to capture new locations, you’ll have to go out and find them.

10. You can combine it with your other hobbies

I love art, museums and visiting French chateaux. As a result, my photos have become all about sharing this passion with other people (that, and exploring the mother nature around you). If your passion is dog sitting, you can take photos of dogs, if it’s fashion, you can take fashion shoot photos- I think you see my point!

BONUS. You can inspire others

The most inspiring thing about taking photos and sharing them is being able to inspire others to travel and see the world around them. Whether it be through encouraging them to pick up a camera and start snapping photos or to explore their local city, sharing your passion is a big bonus when you start snapping away on the camera!

reasons to pick up a camera


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Sunday 11th of June 2017

"You find a creative outlet" is the most important reason in my side! The third picture is awesome and creative too. By the way, I appreciate this type of reasons. I should share this on my Facebook page to see my friends.


Sunday 24th of July 2016

Definitely agree with the last post. It always makes me super excited to plan trips when I see photography from other photographers.

Alaina |


Thursday 23rd of June 2016

Great blog! And also very true reasons. Almost this kind of reasons makes us take photos.

the adventurer

Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

Wow! Stunning photography and wonderful photos =o) I love this post! Photography is a great way to express yourself and your travels =o)

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